Tips to Eating Out on A Fitness Journey

You are on your fitness journey & your friends, partner or family want to have a meal out but  you don’t want to hinder your progress, well you don’t have to, simply follow the below tips & you  absolutely can enjoy a nice meal out and still progress on your journey. 


Tip No 1: Hold Back on Food

What I mean by this is let’s say this meal is planned 1 week in advance, cut back on your calories slightly throughout the week to account for this meal. You see a calorie deficit doesn’t work on a day to day basis, it’s not like as soon as the clock strikes 0:00 your body stops and says “Today i ate less than i burned so ill lll drop weight” it just doesn’t work that way, it’s more like the expenditure over a full week. So let’s say you eat 2000 calories everyday, cut it to 1800. If you multiply that over 6 days you’re left with 1200 calories to play with for your meal. This approach is best if you don’t want to think about what you are eating when you are out and fully want to enjoy it. 


Tip No 2: Stay Away From Fried Food/Heavy Sauces

This tip is if you still want to socialize but aren’t too concerned about eating foods that typically wouldn’t be on your plan. Heavy sauces and fried food can easily rack up in calories, stick to grilled meats, salads, potatoes and rice.


Tip No 3: Don’t Drink Your Calories

Whether that be alcoholic drinks or not why would you waste calories on liquid when you can eat it, well thats my opinion anyway. With alcoholl stick to clear spirits with diet mixers or tonic & if without alcohol stick to diet sodas, water or teas & coffees.


Tip No 4: Skip Dessert

If you’re like me this is my favourite course but unfortunately most desserts are high in calories, plus when throughout the week you would have more than one course on your plan, remember this article is is you are wanting to stay on track. If and when you decide to have a treat meal or treat day that’s a different stor, have all the dessert you want.



With these 4 simple tips this will allow you to eat out as often as you’d like without hindering your progress, remember its important to enjoy social occasions, we as humans associate food to most socializing, so enjoy but be conscious. 

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