Carb Myths 

Do Carbs Scare You?

There are so many myths and facts about carbohydrates that people are genuinely confused. With so many myths about carbs out there, it’s no wonder people are scared of them and cutting them out of their diet. In this article I will debunk the most common carb myths.


Myth 1: Carbs Make You Fat

Carbs do not make you fat, eating too many calories will.  When it come to gaining weight you must consume more than you burn, no matter what macronutrient that comes from. You can literally get fat eating too many chicken breasts if you overate in them. 


Myth 2: You Can’t Eat Carbs before bed

There’s a theory that if you have carbs before bed, you don’t have time to burn them. It’s thought that your metabolism basically shuts off when you sleep, meaning you can’t use those carbs and so they must be converted into fat.I’m not sure where this “no carbs before bed” rule came from, but there’s no evidence whatsoever to show that your body automatically can’t process carbs past 6, 7, or 8 pm…. or anytime for that matter. Your metabolism is working 24/7. In fact, it’s working while you sleep!


Myth 3: Cutting Carbs Means You Burn More Fat

When you cut carbs you will lose more weight, but the extra weight you lose is water weight. You see, 1g of carbs holds 3-4g of water so when you cut carbs you cut this water, hence why you lose more weight. A recent study put a group of people on a traditional carb diet & the other on a low carb diet, both consumed the same amount of protein and calories, the low carb group did lose more weight but fat loss was equal. 



To summarize, carbs are not the devil,  by sticking to your caloric need &  hitting your protein goal, just see carbs and fats as extra energy sources to make up your calories.

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