Top Tips To Stay On Track On A Night Out

A Fitness Journey should never come in the way of nights out, after all you’ve worked hard to look great so you want to show it off in your new outfits  but if you go about it the wrong way it will definitely affect your results. Here are my top tips to staying on track on a night out.


Stick to Spirits 

As much as we all love cocktails, beer or wine if you plan to have a full night drinking these, it’ll soon rack up on calories.Stick to spirts such as vodka & gin using tonic and diet sodas as your mixers.


Hit the dance floor

The average person burns 300-800 calories per hour dancing, so make sure you dance the night away. Also more time on the dance floor, less time drinking so you’ll be burning calories rather than consuming them. 


Avoid Fast Food on The way home 

We all love a trip to McDonalds or the local kebab shop on the way home from a night out but we also know how many calories these types of foods have. Make yourself a meal prior to going out stick it in the fridge and eat that when you get home and of course plenty of water.

The Next Day 

The next day is a big one. Most people barely move and eat loads of junk food. The first thing i always do the next day after a night out is go a walk or run, just to get moving, trust me even though you wont feel like it, it sets you up for the day by sweating out some of the alcohol. With food get back onto your normal eating.



All in all by following this it will allow you to socialise without massively affecting your progress, yes of course it be better to avoid nights out b

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