I have designed the An-toned membership to personalise your fitness journey and help you achieve results for a fraction of the price. All plans are bespoke to you and will be updated on a monthly basis to ensure you are constantly progressing towards your goals. Your progression tracker will keep you accountable ensure your plans are adapted correctly each month

What’s included:

Access to my app
Personalised nutrition plan, updated monthly
Personalised training plan (at home or gym) updated monthly monthly
Progress Tracker
Chat Support
Those who took action and gave it everything they had
to become a better version of themselves
Fitness Scotland
Level 2 Exercise & Fitness knowledge
Awarded 8th November 2011
Fitness Scotland
Level 2 Gym Instructor
Awarded 17th December 2011
Level 2 Gym Based Exercise
Awarded 30th January 2012
Precision Nutrition
Level 1
Awarded 25th June 2015
Level 2 Fitness Instructing for children
Awarded 30th April 2020
Boxercise Instructor
Awarded 1st March 2016
Les Mills Body Pump Instructor
Awarded 11th April 2015
Kettlercise Instructor
Awarded 2nd March 2014
Les Mills Rpm Instructor
Awarded 5th November 2018
MetaFit Instructor
Awarded November 2013
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If the membership isn't for, and you're interesting in personal online coaching click here