5 Tips to Stay on Track When on the Go 

  1. Prepare your food

Preparation is key when it comes to eating and good preparation is essential to fueling your body. Healthy, home-made nutritious meals  are going to be much better fuel for your body. If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail.


  1. Snacks 

Snacking is often where people go wrong when it comes to eating good food on the go. If you’re running around and you’ve had a busy day, it’s easy to grab a muffin from the coffee shop or raid the vending machine for a bar of chocolate for a quick energy fix. So my advice is to eat three nutritious, filling and healthy meals each day, which will reduce the urge to snack. 

But when your energy levels are low and you do need something to keep you going, try some of these healthier snack alternatives to keep you on track for a win:

  • Handful of nuts
  • Fruit 
  • Greek yoghurt
  • Protein bars
  • Packets of cooked chicken 
  • Rice cakes 


  1. Don’t skip meals 

Try not to skip meals throughout the day. Even when you haven’t prepped. Eating plenty of good food will keep your body fuelled throughout the day and it will also prevent you from snacking on junk & fast food. You’ll also be less likely to raid the cupboards in the evening.


  1. Healthier options 

Sometimes we get so busy that we don’t get a chance to prep or we simply forget to grab our lunch out of the fridge. But there’s always a healthier option when you’re on the go or eating out.

Choose something with lean protein to keep you full like grilled chicken, steak, fish or tofu with a big salad or leafy greens. Try to avoid processed foods and aim for healthy, whole foods that will keep you feeling full and satisfied.

Here’s a few healthier options you can grab on the go at most supermarkets:

  • Ready-to-eat protein: boiled eggs, cooked chicken breast, smoked salmon, tinned tuna, etc.
  • Healthy fats: nuts, cheese, seeds
  • Carbs: packet rice or grains, wholemeal roll, pot of oats 
  • Snacks: fruit, rice cakes, Greek yoghurt, carrots and houmous


  1. Hydration 

Drinking water is so important.  When you consume the correct amount of water, some of the key benefits include; healthier skin, healthier teeth and bones, improved digestion, and increased fat metabolism.

Water can also keep you fuller, so you’ll be less likely to feel hungry and overeat.

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